Paint Not Prison

A Paint Not Prison tribute done on an open wall in Venice, Ca.

The paint not prison program was developed by an intergenerational team of community leaders-representing student groups, community based organizations, and a housing developer. Along the way, we have openly received support and consultation from the Oxnard Police Department and various city officials.

Our goal is to imagine and implement a program that will reduce crime by providing preventions intervention and rehabilitation resources for Oxnard youth. We believe in the positive transformation that is possible through art and civic participation.

We believe that two of the most determining causes of juvenile recidivism are ignorance about the prison industrial complex and lack of life planning. When we refer to the “prison industrial complex”(PIC), we are referring to the system of government institutions, corporations, social policies, and cultural attitudes that profit a small minority of wealthy people at the expense of many under-privileged people and communities – the poor, people of color, immigrants, women, urban and rural youth, and queer people. By “life planning” we mean a process through which an individual analyzes their aspirations, present condition, and available opportunities in order to develop a strategy for self-determination.

The next Paint Not Prison session is set to start in January of 2010. If you are an artist or a mentor interested in working with Arts for Action in the planning and implementation of the next Paint not Prisons sessions, or if you would like to be a participant in the program, please contact us!